Graphic Designer | Illustrator

With art as her life's passion, Ginny Leano aims to hone her creative talents into a professional field, completing Bachelor of Design at the University of Alberta. 

Working on a variety of visual arts and visual communication—ranging from traditional sketches, paintings to digital illustrations, video and photography—Ginny Designs identifies on all things pop culture, interprets expressions and perceptions on current times in a more animated form, and collaborates with like-minded kin of similar or different talents to deliver an optimistic content, appealing to all.

Ginny Designs welcomes many diverse projects from client commissions or personal works:

  • Logos

  • Visual Ads

  • Shirt Designs

  • Portraits/Profiles

  • Cover Arts

  • Comics

Every project leads to an exciting challenge, and Ginny Designs always strives to expand onto newer territories of art and design, to develop and improve through skill and experience.

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